I've been a persuasive communicator as long as I can remember. 


At six, I convinced my grandmother that kids don't need
to eat vegetables, especially the green kind. 

A few years after, I told my sister the story about how
an orange tree will grow in her stomach from the
seed she swallowed.14 years later, she still believes it.  



Just last year, I persuaded my parents, the two most

tightfisted people that I know, to pay for grad school. 

And now I'm ready to go pro. 

Some people write like sandpaper. Some like frosting. And some like air. Sashwatha writes like suede. Velvety and lush while also being strong and durable.

Marshall Goldman

Founder and Creative Director,
The Left Hand Agency
I found her ideas and opinions to be rooted in lived experiences, rather than mental abstractions. Sashwatha's writing exudes the childlike sentimentality of a poet and the studied patience of a gardener.

Umashanker Vimala

Creative Director,
VenChars Media Communication
Sash is a master storyteller. Her beautiful use of words creates pictures and evokes emotion with simplicity and elegance.

Nina Abnee

Advertising Professional in Residence,
DePaul University
Like a puzzle master, Sash put together the pieces that the Public Relations and Advertising program needed to up our engagement and storytelling game on social media. A total MVP.

Maria DeMoya

Academic Director, PR and Advertising
DePaul University 
You can reach me at sashwatha.sridhar@gmail.com
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